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MARKETING Recommendations

Details subject to change.

What Nth provides

  • Numerous versions of invitations and full ecampaigning to both client base and prospects

  • Inside sales team: focused call blitzes

  • Ongoing social campaigning: Twitter + LinkedIn + Blogging

  • Paid LinkedIn Ads tailored to the event geo + target audience

  • Customer-facing event website with full updates as they transpire

  • On-site logo representation of partnering sponsors + acknowledgement

What can you do?

  • Promote your speaker(s)!

    • What makes them unique?

    • What messaging are they sharing?

    • What are their credentials?

  • Promote your demo + tabletop!

    • What will you be demonstration?

    • Why should they stop by your tabletop?

    • Who will they be meeting?

  • Where?

    • Your company LinkedIn

    • Email target lists

    • Blog

  • How?

    • Check out Nth LinkedIn for examples!

    • Creative and fun videos

    • Infographs, bio's, imagery

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