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Rapid Presentations

Hear quick, to-the-point, 10 minute updates from each
manufacturer regarding solutions for top IT initiatives.

Times are rounded approximates and subject to change. Times in PT.


Block 1

1:45 PM

Nth Labs

Lee Solomonson | Sr. Manager, Nth Labs & Nth IT

Pulling It All Together

The IT landscape is changing faster than ever. Join us for a glimpse of how we are architecting complete solutions to address the challenges of today, while preparing for the capabilities of tomorrow.

2:00 PM


Darin Back | Sr. Networking Consultant | Nth Generation
Pete Lujan | Director, Systems Engineering | Fortinet
Angela Quinn | Major Account Manager So Cal SLED | Fortinet

Modern Security Fabric to Protect Against Ever-growing Attack Surfaces.

Darin Back will discuss with Angela and Pete from Fortinet, how modern networking with security protects against eCrime. During this session we will explore methods to prevent cyber attacks. We will discuss a comprehensive security approach across network segments, devices, and cloud-based applications. The panel will describe how a Fabric Ecosystem unifies protections to detect, monitor, block, and remediate attacks across the entire attack surface.

2:10 PM

Extreme Networks

James Saarikko | Sr. Director of Systems Engineering

Leveraging AIOps to Boost Cyber Security Management

The amount of data generated within the network is outstripping the ability of a team of humans to deal with it. IT Operations teams need to harness data and use it to their advantage to get ahead.
Using the Cloud, teams can begin to capture data. And using AIOps, they can derive machine-learned insights and recommendations to streamline decision-making. The journey to an effective AIOps-powered organization begins with a streamlined Cloud-managed network management platform. ExtremeCloud IQ provides IT teams with automated operations tools at their disposal to build better networks with CoPilot, Site Engine, IQ Controller, Intuitive Insights, and more. This conversation will reveal how 1 Cloud enables the unified management of everything – both Extreme and non-Extreme-wired, wireless, SD-WAN, security, fabric, and IOT.

2:20 PM


Benjamin Peterson | Systems Engineering, North West

Ransomware Resiliency with Veeam

Bad actors have infinite attempts to get in -- and only need one to be right once. Be one of the Good Guys and help your organization block attacks and be right 100% of the time. Learn how Veeam provides tools to protect and alert for on premises and Cloud workloads to ensure an immutable copy with zero errors during recovery.  

2:30 PM

HPE + Zerto + Cohesity + 11:11 Systems (iland)

Jim Russ | VP, Enterprise Technology | Nth Generation
Oanh Zinc | Systems Engineer | Cohesity
Nirmeet Gohil | Director Channel & Cloud Sales, Americas | Zerto
Ryan Quach | Storage Solutions Architect | HPE
Moosa Matariyeh | VP, Solutions Architecture | 11:11 Systems

Better Together - Leverage an Ecosystem to Accelerate your Security and Cloud Initiatives. Featuring HPE, Zerto, Cohesity, iland.

These Industry Leaders will share insights from their experiences in developing practical, Business Continuity programs. Together they provide an effective approach to defending against eCrime, natural disasters, and unplanned outages. Additionally, the panel will discuss recovery strategies for when an incident occurs.

Block 2

3:15 PM

FBI + Varonis + Darktrace

Cameron Matthews | Sr. Security Consultant | Nth Generation
Adam James | Special Agent, San Diego | FBI
Randy Frank | Enablement Manager | Varonis
Konnor Andersen | Global Vice President | Email & App Security | Darktrace

Leverage AI-ML and Threat Intelligence to Fight eCrime.

Have you wondered how Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning is really leveraged to fight ever increasing eCrime? In this session you will learn how some of the world's most advanced technologies, powered by Darktrace and Varonis, use AI/ML to help mitigate against growing "insider threats" and other highly sophisticated types of cyber attacks. Moreover, hear directly from the FBI on how they also take advantage of AI/ML threat intelligence to help stop bad actors. Walk away with tips from all panelists on how to prioritize AI to enhance your overall security posture.

3:40 PM

CISA + Arctic Wolf + SentinelOne

Joe Smith | Sr. Information Security Consultant | Nth Generation
Con Mallon | VP of Product Marketing | Arctic Wolf
Mike Kingsley | Cyber Security Advisor, Los Angeles | CISA
Rich Friedeman
| Sales Engineer | SentinelOne

Taking Security Operations from a Lone Endeavor to a Team Sport

Join us for panel discussing how using services and technology alongside public resources can enhance your security posture and improve your response to security events. You are stronger with a team.

4:10 PM


Mike Chen | Account Executive

“And vs. Or” – How to Future Proof your Cloud Investments
with Hybrid Cloud

Hear from experts in the HCI space how IT organizations are using the unified management capabilities of Nutanix to build secure, modern infrastructure solutions that maximize the efficiencies and performance of Private Cloud and Public Cloud offerings, all while future-proofing investment into the Modern Datacenter 2.0.

4:20 PM


Ron McClellan | Director, System Engineers

The Hidden Secrets of Backup Storage

A lot of time and thought goes into choosing the right backup applications. However, often times the backup storage itself, gets overlooked without realizing the impact it has on cost, performance, scalability, and IT staff time to manage and monitor. In this session, we will uncover both the hidden pros and cons of different backup storage solutions available on the market. 

4:30 PM


Jay Leone | Account Manager

Enhanced Ransomware Protection

Enhance your Ransomware protection strategy with Tintri's native detection, immutable snapshots, and instant recovery.

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