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Nth Generation Symposium 2021: Ransomware Best Practices

Hear answers to the following questions and learn best practices from highly experienced professionals and industry leaders at Nth Symposium 2021:

  • What are the most critical actions you could take to help better protect your organization against the increasing threat of Ransomware?

  • Work-from-home employees are posing incremental cybersecurity risks, can you maintain a robust security posture?

  • Can your current security technologies and processes detect an active cyber attack?

  • As the world experiences accelerated change and increased business risks, how are U.S. Federal agencies like the FBI and CISA (DHS), and local law enforcement helping SoCal organizations prepare against Ransomware and other Cybersecurity attacks?


General Session

8:00 am PT each day

10+ Keynotes / Panelists

+ a LIVE Keynote Roundtable Q&A

Breakout Sessions

Starting at 1:00 pm PT each day

35+ Educational, Technical Presentations & Demos

+ a LIVE Q&A each session

Partner Exhibits

Available throughout the conference

25+ Industry Leading Technology Manufacturer Information Hub

Read more about the event and latest updates here.

* Details subject to change


Partnering technologies are added frequently. Please check for live updates.

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