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NEXT WEEK at Symposium: IT Industry's Toughest Questions Answered

Nth Generation's 21st Annual (virtual) IT & Cybersecurity Symposium

October 13 & 14, 2021 Details subject to change. All times Pacific Time.

Ever-Evolving Business Critical Issues: Questions Answered

Top industry IT and Cybersecurity SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS share trending best practices, technologies, frameworks and methodologies.

Sample Questions Answered @ Symposium '21

by Cybersecurity panel:Gov Agencies (OCIAC, CISO, FBI) + vCISOs

Increasing Foreign Threats

Nation States’ threats to both Public and Private Sectors continue to escalate. Which industries or type of organizations may be considered among the most vulnerable and which ones are being targeted more aggressively?

Ransomware Payments (to pay or not to pay?) What are the latest US Government general recommendations or guidelines for US organizations (public and private sectors) on whether or not to pay ransomware? And from a vCISO perspective, what are some of the key recommendations for dealing with ransom requests?

Ransomware Protection How can small-to-medium-sized businesses best protect themselves from ransomware? Critical Infrastructure Will the set of Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISAC) grow to encompass additional business verticals beyond those considered Critical Infrastructure?

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Are there any free, government-approved cybersecurity training courses for average citizens?

Threat Intelligence Centers Are there vulnerability or threat intelligence information centers that ordinary people can subscribe to where they can receive vulnerability mitigation or threat defense information? If so, is that information worded in layman’s terms?

Cybersecurity Best Practices Is there an approved set of cybersecurity best practices that small-to-medium-sized businesses can access that will assist them in a cyber austere environment? e.g., Lack of the larger budgets that big businesses have, inability to find qualified cybersecurity personnel that have not been snapped up by big businesses and cybersecurity startups.

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General Session

Day 2, October 14

Approx. 10:30 am

OCIAC: Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center​
CISA: Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency​
FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation​
Nth vCISOs: Jerry Craft and Joseph Smith
Cameron Matthews, vCISO & Senior Security Consultant

Sample Questions Answered @ Symposium '21

by Nth vCISOs

Cloud Cybersecurity

What are the top 1-2 Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) being used to attack end-user organizations?​ (Phishing/Insider/Ransomware/AI-bots/etc.)

Ransomware Stories Unfortunately, ransomware attacks are increasingly more sophisticated and frequent. ​What types of damages have you seen among SoCal ransomware victims? (e.g., data exfiltration, excessive ransom payment requests, major productivity losses, etc.) Business Agility How does an organization decide what the right balance may be between an ever-growing list of cybersecurity controls or countermeasures and minimizing significant impact to business line activities and productivity?

Security Posture Measurement

How do you measure the success of a security program if no breach has occurred?

Recent Top Cyber Attacks in SoCal

What are some of the most concerning ​ Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities are you seeing among SoCal organizations related to their ​Cloud-powered IT environment?

Ransomware Readiness

How can organizations potentially find out how capable they currently are in detecting and responding to ransomware and similar cyber attacks?

Ransomware Payments From a vCISO perspective, engaged with a variety of organizations and circumstances, can you share some advice you may have offered to clients facing ransomware payment requests? And do you know of any cases when clients have decided to pay the ransom(s) and still did not recover their data?

Top Security Controls If you had limited budget to implement only up to 3-5 Security Controls for your organization, which ones would you recommend? Pandemic & Hybrid Workforce A Work-from-Home and Work-from-Office “Hybrid Workforce” seems like it will be here to stay for a long time. What are your top recommendations for organizations having to support both WFH and WFO end users while maintaining a strong security posture?

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Breakout Session

Day 1, October 13

2:40 pm

Jeromie Jackson (Moderator), Director of Security and Analytics
Jerry Craft, vCISO & Senior Security Consultant
Joseph Smith, vCISO & Senior Security Consultant
Cameron Matthews, vCISO & Senior Security Consultant
Derek Johnson, Senior Cyber Security Engineer

Sample Questions Answered @ Symposium '21

by Nth Solution Architects


With all the concerns around ransomware the subject of encryption comes up often with our clients. What are some of the best use cases for encryption?


With the increased threat of cyber attacks, what can we do to better protect ourselves from being hit with a ransomware attack from a data protection perspective?

And second, how do we recover from an attack without having to pay the ransom?

Workload Optimization

With the various workloads in organizations today, how do you determine the right type of storage to place the data on to meet the needs of the business?

Disaster Recovery

Many of our customers want to develop or enhance their Disaster Recovery Strategy. What are some technologies today that can be used to improve on this plan? Workload Optimization - Hybrid Cloud: What are some ways we can help our customers understand if their workloads should move to the cloud or remain on premise... Or is a hybrid approach the best option?

Attend this Session!

Breakout Session

Day 2, October 14

1:50 pm

Jim Russ (Moderator), VP Enterprise Technology
Jim Westover, Enterprise Solution Architect Mouis Yafeh, Senior Solution Architect Richard Tengdin, Enterprise Solution Architect Vuong Pham, Senior SA & Virtualization Specialist

Details subject to change. For qualified IT professionals only. By requesting registration, I agree to the following: CLICK HERE



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