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Dan Molina Shares Highlights for Symposium 2021

Dan Molina, Nth's CTO, shares what he's looking forward to at this year's Symposium taking place Oct 13-14:

"What I'm most excited about our upcoming Nth Symposium is our deep coverage of latest technologies and best practices to help end-user organizations maintain or improve a strong security posture while enabling increased efficiencies, productivity and cost savings.

I'm also excited to have a unique combination of Federal and Local Law Enforcement representation with vCISOs, who directly service numerous SoCal organizations, share updates and best practices covering cybersecurity, especially around ransomware.

Last but not least, I'm quite thrilled to have (3) Co-founders of major cybersecurity companies, as well as other key industry leaders, share their unique points of view with our dear Symposium audience. I really hope that each and everyone of our attendees will take at least 2-3 major tips, updates or takeaways that will help them be even better champions of change."

To watch Dan's highlights, CLICK HERE.

For full Symposium details and to register, click here.


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