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TOPICS: GENERAL SESSION  *All times and details subject to change

*All times and details above subject to change

WEDNESDAY 10.10.18

8:15 am – 12:15 pm | Sequoia North Ballroom


Digital, IT, Security and Consumption Transformation Trends and Symposium Technologies Overview

The Latest Trends in Machine Learning, Simulation and AI

The Heart of Nth (Part I): Video Short

Latest Threats and Recommendations to U.S. Organizations from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Detect and Prevent Cyberattacks with Artificial Intelligence

Cyber Meets Security: Important Steps on the Way Toward Artificial Intelligence

Real Life Stories: A unique panel blending end-user, executive clients and Nth virtual CISOs


THURSDAY 10.11.18

8:30 am – 12:10 pm | Sequoia North Ballroom

The Heart of Nth (Part II) “Transforming Lives”: Homelessness, Human Trafficking and PTSD

Modern Networking Solutions For Your IT Transformation

Accelerating Your Hybrid IT and Consumption Transformation: Leveraging Flash, Hyperconverged, Composable Infrastructure and Hybrid Cloud Flexible Consumption Models

The Enterprise Immune System: Using AI to Defend Against Ever Increasing Sophisticated Attacks in Real Time

What’s Holding Us Back Today? Inspirational Keynote

DevOps and Application Modernization with Containers and Composable Infrastructure

Customer Panel... and More TBA!

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