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GENERAL SESSION AGENDA *All times and details subject to change

WEDNESDAY 10.10.18

8:15 am – 12:15 pm | Sequoia North Ballroom

Welcome and Intro

Dwayne Gilliam | Nth Generation | Senior Vice President of Sales

Nth Video Short

Presented by Nth Generation

Industry Trends and Symposium Technologies Overview

Dan Molina | Nth Generation | Chief Technology Officer

The latest trends in Machine Learning, Simulation and AI

Dr. Eng Lim Goh | Hewlett Packard Enterprise | Chief Technology Officer, High Performance Computing & Artificial Intelligence  | CLICK HERE FOR BIO

Nth Video Short

The Longstanding Relationship Between Hewlett Packard Enterprises and Nth Generation

A Message from Nth Generation's Founder

Rich Baldwin | Nth Generation | Founder, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Information Officer

Nth Video Short

The Heart of Nth (Part I): Video Short


Refreshments Provided

(approx. 10:05 am) Federal Bureau of Investigation: State of the Industry

John Caruthers | FBI National Cyber Security Squad | Supervisory Special Agent | CLICK HERE FOR BIO

Project BAFA: The FBI and Business Cybersecurity

How does the FBI work with private industry to address cybersecurity threats? What should businesses know about working with the FBI before, during and after a breach? Learn how the FBI engages with the private sector to understand risks, mitigate threats of mutual interest and conduct incident response.

Cylance Presents: Detect and Prevent Cyberattacks with Artificial Intelligence 

Malcolm Harkins | Cylance | Chief Security and Trust Officer, Author | CLICK HERE FOR BIO

Trust is the cornerstone of the digital economy.  In this talk Malcolm will cover what is needed to generate trust and where we are at broadly in providing that trust.  He will cover todays reality with data from the World Economic Forum and the Edelman trust report as well as other data sources.  Malcolm will also explain the economic principle of efficiency and how our current approach to information security is not only economically inefficient but is not adding to the trust we so badly need.  We will explore the traditional mindset of trading of risk vs shareholder value and the mindset of controls impact business velocity.   Malcolm will share real world non security related stories on the approach to controls has shown we can do both and do them well as well as non security examples of where organizations have made trade-offs with substantial societal impacts both positive and negative.  Malcolm will provide insights from these stories and bring perspectives from others in the world to draw lessons that that will be valuable to CISOs and their teams.

Fortinet Presents: Cyber Meets Security: Important Steps on the Way Toward Artificial Intelligence

Phil Quade | Fortinet | Chief Information Security Officer |  CLICK HERE FOR BIO 

Malware, ransomware, and exploits occur every day and are a growing hazard to all organizations realizing tangible benefits from digital innovation. Targeted attacks, phishing scams, and advanced security evasion techniques make it almost impossible for organizations to protect themselves in real-time. Threat Intelligence Data can make the difference between preemptively taking meaningful action to avoid the impact of a data breach versus letting suspicious events happen unchecked without comprehensive analysis or response.  For organizations looking to reduce and manage risk, automated remediation can make a big impact on cyber security, especially in detecting and identifying new malware and very advanced persistent threats.  This presentation will describe several steps toward leveraging artificial intelligence to manage risk and stay ahead of the rapidly expanding threat landscape

Nth Video Short

Featuring Nth Generation's vCISOs

Real Life Stories: A unique panel blending end-user, executive clients and Nth virtual CISOs

Jeromie Jackson, Moderator | Nth Generation | Director of Security & Analytics | CLICK HERE FOR BIO

THURSDAY 10.11.18

8:30 am – 12:10 pm | Sequoia North Ballroom

Welcome and Overview

Dwayne Gilliam | Nth Generation | Senior Vice President of Sales

Nth Video Short

"Rambo" Williams, I am the Nth Generation

The Heart of Nth (Part II) “Transforming Lives”: Homelessness, Human Trafficking and PTSD

Paul Armstrong | Salvation Army | Social Services Director | CLICK HERE FOR BIO

Mellanox Presents: Modern Networking Solutions For Your IT Transformation

Kevin Deierling | Mellanox | CLICK HERE FOR BIO

Mellanox’s networking solutions based on InfiniBand, Ethernet, or RoCE (RDMA over Converged Ethernet) provide the best price, performance, and power value proposition for network and storage I/O processing capabilities optimized for Hyper-converged and Composable Infrastructure, AI/Machine Learning and High Performance Computing. Advanced data centers can utilize 25/40/50/100G InfiniBand or Ethernet, or RoCE to consolidate I/O to a single wire and enable IT managers to deliver significantly higher application service levels, while reducing CapEx and OpEx related to I/O infrastructures. 

Darktrace Presents: Embracing AI for Cyber Defense

Nicole Eagan | Darktrace | Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer | CLICK HERE FOR BIO

AI is sometimes spoken about like something that will, in the future, secure networks. However, AI cyber security is already deployed by numerous companies to detect and fight back against increasingly advanced, fast-moving, and stealthy threats. At the same time, attackers are developing malicious AI, which will be almost impossible to detect. Companies that fail to deploy AI today may find themselves unable to detect the threats of tomorrow.


Refreshments Provided

(approx. 10:15 am) Nth Video Short

Nth Generation's Engineers and Solution Architects

Hewlett Packard Enterprises Presents: Accelerating your Hybrid IT and Consumption Transformation

Scott Anderson | Cloud Technology Partners, Hewlett Packard Enterprise | Vice President, Global Cloud Advisory, Cloud Technology
Partners Chief Technologist, Hybrid IT Transformation | CLICK HERE FOR BIO

Accelerating DevOps and Modern Application Architectures

Expert Panel featuring Docker, HPE and Nth Generation

Organizations require a hybrid infrastructure that supports the continuous delivery of new applications and services—quickly and cost-effectively. Now it is easier than ever for business to build, ship, run distributed applications in a highly available, secure, scalable hybrid IT environment with Nth, Docker, HPE solutions and services.

What's Holding Us Back Today?

Alex Montoya | Author, International Speaker, and Academic Consultant | CLICK HERE FOR BIO

And more TBA:

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