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GENERAL SESSION AGENDA *All times and details subject to change


8:00 am | Virtual

All times are approximate. 

Welcome Presentation

~8:00 am

Dwayne Gilliam | Nth Generation | Senior Vice President of Sales

Nth Symposium Technologies Overview

~8:07 am

Dan Molina | Nth Generation | Chief Technology Officer

A Message from Nth's Founder

~8:28 am

Rich Baldwin | Nth Generation | Chief Strategy Officer & Chief Information Officer, Founder

Exclusive Keynote Interview with Antonio Neri

~8:38 am

Antonio Neri | Hewlett Packard Enterprise | President & CEO

Julie Leon l Nth Generation l Account Executive

Keynote - Digital Transformation: The New Now 

~9:02 am

Dr. Eng Lim Goh, PhD | Hewlett Packard Enterprise | SVP & CTO, Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Eng Lim Goh, HPE SVP & CTO, explains how AI at the edge is being used to develop solutions for the New Now.  He’ll share various use cases that show how society and organizations are benefiting from the latest develops in HPC and AI. 

Client Executive Panel

~9:23 am

Todd Burkhardt | Nth Generation | VP of Technical Services

Fred Rocha | Coast Community College | Executive Director, Information Technology

Mac Avancena, Jr. | Kern County | CIO

Sameer Maini | Account Control | CIO

Hear from commercial, local government, and educational executives, who will discuss how the pandemic forced an acceleration in Digital Transformation, AI-powered Initiatives, and Security enhancements in their organizations. They will be sharing lessons learned as well as their vision of IT and Security in the post-pandemic world.

Nth Solutions Architect Panel - Accelerating Digital Transformation Part 1

~9:55 am

Jim Russ | Nth Generation | V.P. Enterprise Technology 

Jim Westover | Nth Generation | Enterprise Solution Architect

Vuong Pham | Nth Generation | Senior Solution Architect & Virtualization Specialist

Richard Tengdin | Nth Generation | Enterprise Solution Architect

Mouis Yafeh | Nth Generation | Senior Solution Architect

Experience a dynamic panel discussion of common issues and concerns with modern IT. This panel will be focusing on backup, cloud & legacy application support, while venturing into HCI, SDDC; and how modern infrastructure design and architecture impact your strategy for backup, disaster recovery, and ransomware.

Keynote - The Importance of Risk Management Solutions in the "Age of the Breach"

~10:21 am

Brian NeSmith l Arctic Wolf l President & CEO 

The importance of Risk Management Solutions in the "Age of the Breach"

Nth vCISO Panel - Best Practices from Nth's Tenured Security Brain Trust

~10:38 am

Rich Lindberg | Nth Generation | Sr. Security Consultant & vCISO

Jerry Craft | Nth Generation | Sr. Security Consultant & CISO

Jeromie Jackson | Nth Generation | Director of Security & Analytics & vCISO

Derek Johnson | Nth Generation | Cyber Security Engineer

Cameron Matthews | Sr. Security Consultant & vCISO

Joseph Smith | Nth Generation | Sr. Security Consultant & vCISO

Learn from this informative exchange between Nth Generation’s vCISOs, based on their experiences in Southern California trenches. Hear what is being addressed in local information security engagements, as well as specific industries that are currently being targeted.  The panel will identify some of the primary attack vectors, security controls, and testing that is being done by organizations in order to stay ahead of the adversaries.

THURSDAY 10.8.20

8:00 am | Virtual

Welcome and Opener

~8:00 am

Dwayne Gilliam | Nth Generation | Senior Vice President of Sales

Keynote - Discussing the Drivers of As-A-Service Consumption Models in the New Now 

~8:03 am

Susan Middleton l IDC l Research Director, Flexible Consumption and Financing Strategies for IT Infrastructure

Eric Gates | Hewlett Packard Enterprise | HPE GreenLake & Pointnext Services US Channel Sales Director

Take a deep-dive into the key insights that are driving adoption of as-a-service models and how organizations are leveraging it to mitigate security risks, boost operational and financial flexibility, and navigate the massive acceleration of digital transformation. 

Dual Keynote with Jason Kimrey & Rachel Mushahwar

~8:28 am

Jason Kimrey l Intel l General Manager, US Channel

Rachel Mushahwar l Intel l General Manager of U.S. Enterprise Sales

Nth Networking & Security - Secured Connectivity in the New Now

~8:58 am

Darin Back | Nth Generation | Sr. Networking Consultant

Jeromie Jackson | Nth Generation | Director of Security & Analytics

Networking and security have changed dramatically during the pandemic. What once was a centralized environment, is now highly distributed. We will discuss how this has transformed the networking and security technologies needed to maintain a strong security posture.  This includes a new generation of work-from-home solutions with higher security and enhanced user experience.

Keynote - Trends in Data Storage that Matter Now

~9:23 am

Bill Richter l Qumulo l President & CEO 

It is no longer sufficient to store data in traditional data centers, with the acceleration of digital transformation and the advent of cloud computing, organizations need now more than ever to manage their file data with flexibility, mobility, security and better value. From migration to cloud, to building smart applications with file data and enabling remote collaboration, organizations are rapidly changing the approach to storing, managing and building applications with file data. Join Bill Richter, Chief Executive Officer, as he explores these customer trends and shares the reasons why more and more organizations and companies trust their data on Qumulo in a hybrid-cloud world. 

Keynote - Enabling Digital Innovation

~9:43 am

John Maddison | Fortinet | CMO & Executive Vice President, Products

Now more than ever, cyber threats are taking advantage of today’s current world disruptions and are causing increased risk to organizations. As threats continue to adapt and get more complex, organizations must learn to balance investments within their framework and protect the ever-forming attack surface. Hear from Fortinet’s CMO, John Maddison, on how Fortinet is helping customers accelerate and enable their digital innovation,
securely and successfully.  

Security Solutions Panel

~10:01 am

Lane Roush | Arctic Wolf | VP, Presales Engineering

Brian Vecci | Varonis | Field CTO

Marcus Fowler | Darktrace | Director of Strategic Threat

James Morrison | Hewlett Packard Enterprise​ | Cyber Security Technologist

Renee Tarun | Fortinet | Field CISO

With a tenured panel whose dossier includes (former) CIA, FBI, & NSA, and other well-known entities. Topics will include the current and future state of information security.  A dramatic increase in nation state attacks has been barraging the USA. This expert panel will address ransomware, zero-day threats, and how security countermeasures are mitigating risks.

Keynote - Hacking for Cash: Three Case Studies on Monetizing Vulnerabilities

~10:44 am

Brian Vecci | Varonis | Field CTO 

Explore three in-depth case studies from the front lines revealing how hackers turn organizations into their personal cash machines. Learn how the attacks unfolded and what you can do to prevent them.

Keynote - AI and Automation: Augmenting the Human

~11:05 am

Nicole Eagan | Darktrace | Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer, AI Officer

During this presentation, Darktrace's Co-Founder Chief Strategy and AI Officer, Nicole Eagan, will outline the capabilities this world-first technology, the Cyber AI Analyst, and discuss how automated investigation and triage is helping to uplift and augment human teams across the globe. She will also demonstrate how an APT using a zero-day was caught weeks before public attribution using cyber AI analyst technology. 

FRIDAY 10.9.20

There is not a General Session on Day #3. Please see our Breakout Sessions List for Day #3:

*Details subject to change. 
If a speaker  or topic is not listed, they are TBA.

~ Times listed are approximate.

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