Intelligent security must be broad; the components within the environment must have visibility into all infrastructure, including endpoints, network elements, data center, cloud and the data itself.  By having awareness of each of these elements as well as how the data flows to, from and between them, administrators can properly segment the environment by trust level for ease of automation. Coverage by network segmentation not only logically separates data and resources, it allows for advanced visibility of data and threats as they move from one network zone to the other. From a threat perspective, network segmentation divides your network into security zones to aid in compliance, monitoring, to prevent unauthorized access to restricted data and resources, and control the spread of intruders and malware.

If you are a public sector employee, it is critical that you verify the ethics code, laws and/or regulations that govern your ability to accept items of value from companies with whom you conduct business.  Employees of a U.S. K-12 public or private educational institution or any U.S. library should ensure compliance with the FCC’s E-rate gift rules (47 CFR Part 54) in addition to their local rules, regulations, and policies. Please obtain the necessary approval from your organization before accepting any item of value from HPE.

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