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GENERAL SESSION AGENDA *All times and details subject to change

WEDNESDAY 10.23.19

8:00 am – 12:00 pm | Sequoia North Ballroom

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Dwayne Gilliam | Nth Generation | Senior Vice President of Sales

Nth Video Short

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Industry Trends and Symposium Technologies Overview

Dan Molina | Nth Generation | CTO

Data Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Multi-Cloud, Consumption-based IT, Security Innovations, and more.

HPE GreenLake Everything as a Service

David Twohy | Hewlett Packard Enterprise | VP, Pointnext Sales North America

The world is continuing to evolve rapidly towards cloud experiences, both on premise and off.  How can HPE help your organization accelerate, de-risk, simplify, and fund your digital transformation journey?  Join David Twohy, Global VP of Pointnext Services, as he explores these dynamics and shares the HPE assets that can help customers confidently navigate the next phase of cloud transformation - everything as a service.

A Message from Nth's Founder

Rich Baldwin l Nth Generation l Founder, Chief Strategy Officer & Chief Information Officer

Enter the New "Cyber" Warfare: Security Panel

Christopher Kajfosz | Federal Bureau of Investigation | Cyber Special Agent

Trevor Samhammer | Department of Homeland Security | Intelligence Research Specialist - Cyber Crimes Detective

Jake Margolis | Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) | CISO, former California National Guard IA Manager

Frank Ury | Orange County Sheriff's Department | Technology Advisory Council and Former Mayor of Mission Viejo

U.S. cities, counties, law enforcement, public utilities, hospitals and numerous other public sector organizations and commercial companies are under cyber attack -from a growing number of nation states and domestic bad actors.  Hear from the FBI, DHS, and MWD for some of the latest best practices to help prepare and protect your organization.

Security Driven Networking: Beyond Network Segmentation & Zero Trust

Jonathan Nguyen-Duy | Fortinet | VP, Strategy & Analytics

The risk management methodology is based on measuring cybersecurity effectiveness based on the reasonable care standard. The reasonable care standard is embodied in nearly all best practices and compliance frameworks including NIST CSF, ISO, GDPR etc. The presenter will outline elements of a reasonable level of effort and an updated approach based network segmentation, Zero Trust and Continuity-of-Operations strategies to ensure continuous identification, protection, detection, response and recovery based on adaptive trust for need-know access. The strategy aims to ensure:
a) identification of all things connected to network/ecosystem
b) verification of device state
c) authentication of user
d) validation of access request
e) logging and monitoring of all traffic for behavior-based detection
f) encryption based on criticality

World-Leading Cyber AI: What's Real and What's Next? Also hear Customer Testimonial

Nicole Eagan | Darktrace | CEO

AI is sometimes spoken about like something that will, in the future, secure networks. However, AI cyber security is already deployed by numerous companies to detect and autonomously respond to increasingly advanced, fast-moving, and stealthy threats. At the same time, attackers are developing malicious AI, which will be almost impossible to detect. Companies that fail to deploy AI today may find themselves unable to detect the threats of tomorrow. In this session, learn about how the use of unsupervised machine learning allows companies to benefit from cyber AI within weeks, why building trust with security teams is so essential, and use cases of cyber AI beyond threat detection and response.

THURSDAY 10.24.19

8:30 am – 12:05 pm | Sequoia North Ballroom

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Dwayne Gilliam | Nth Generation | Senior Vice President of Sales

HPE is Advancing the Way People Live and Work

Keerti Melkote l Hewlett Packard Enterprise l Founder of Aruba and President of HPE Intelligent Edge


Our hyper-connected, data-driven world is rapidly creating new ways to redefine experiences, drive smarter operations and accelerate innovations to reshape markets and transform every industry. In today's edge-to-cloud world, data is the new currency.  How do you turn it into business intelligence?

Nth Video Short

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VMware’s Vision & Strategy - A Conversation with VMware’s EVP, Ray O’Farrell

Ray O'Farrell | VMWare | EVP & Former CTO

As an industry thought leader, VMware’s former CTO, Ray O’Farrell, is now leading the integration efforts of VMware’s expanded Cloud-Native Apps business unit. In this role, O’Farrell will envision and extend the company’s strategy and operating model for delivering the Kubernetes platform of the future.

Don’t miss this fireside chat as he shares VMware’s Vision & Strategy, multi/hybrid-cloud, software defined data center (with emphasis on hyper-converged infrastructure), containerized cloud-native and traditional applications and his personal experience at VMware for the past 16 years. 

Nth Video Short

Presented by Nth Generation

Extreme Innovation Solves Top Business Challenges; Cutting Edge Network Security and Automation

Dan Dulac | Extreme Networks | VP, Global Solutions Engineering & Strategy

Hear how companies have worked with Extreme to secure the network from the threat of hacking by using modern day architecture resulting in a hyper-segmented network.  In addition, you will learn how to defend against the threat of infiltration via IOT devices and manage the network to create added security aspects, decrease overhead & increase automation.  Gain valuable insight via strong analytical information; what you don’t know can hurt you. 

Responding to Disasters in the Southern California Community: Preparedness & Recovery

Richard Walden | Operation USA | President & CEO

Operation USA, a Los Angeles-based disaster relief agency, has responded to disasters worldwide since 1979. In this session, hear from OpUSA Founder and CEO Richard Walden as he speaks about disasters impacting Southern California, ways to be prepared and how to get involved in relief and recovery efforts—as an individual or as part of a company initiative. 

A Data Driven World: Qumulo Making IT Simple

Bill Richter | Qumulo | President & CEO

The challenges we are collectively solving within cities, counties, public utilities, hospitals, universities, law enforcement agencies and commercial companies is, more than ever, being driven by an urgent need to provide data- driven solutions for the world’s greatest challenges. From precision medicine and agricultural technologies to autonomous vehicles in smart cities and video surveillance, file-base data is the engine of your innovation and it deserves the most efficient and intelligent data storage platform out there. Join Bill Richter, Chief Executive Officer, as he explores these challenges and shares the reasons why more and more organizations and companies trust their data on Qumulo in a hybrid-cloud world.

The Brain, Eye, and Human Visual System - Towards a New Model of Distributed Computing and
Intelligent Networking in the Data Center

Kevin Deierling | Mellanox | Technology Executive

The neural networks of the brain inspired a model for today’s artificial intelligence and machine learning processing. Continuing in this direction we can mine the neural processing that goes on in the retina of the human eye to provide inspiration and a vision for the future of next generation of intelligent networking and distributed computing in the data center and at the edge.

Nth Video Short

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Client Excellence Awards

Presented by Nth Generation

Who among your peers is hitting the mark on embracing innovation? Hear first-person accounts of client experiences, what technologies they implemented, and how Nth Generation was their strategic advisor.

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